Addon: Custom Color

Custom Color
Converge templates are ready to install in a number of different colors. However, you also have the option to choose your own custom colors! Because of the extra development time required for this customization, there's a one-time custom color cost associated with this feature.

The Converge developers will communicate with you on the specific color codes required to meet your request. Our designers will mock up a home page layout with your requested color changes for your approval. Once a decision is reached, our developers will go to work integrating the custom colors into your template.

This addon is a nice option for churches with existing styles that won't quite fit into the available stock color offerings, and can really help bring unity and clarity to your church branding.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want light blue and gold for my custom website colors. Can you just run with that?

Yes, but ... the problem is that "light blue" and "gold" are pretty nebulous. (remember "The Dress" of 2015?) They mean different things to different people. The best way to do this is to have the Converge team provide swatches for you to choose from. Then, we'll do a site mockup based on the swatches you choose. After your approval, we'll hard-code the final custom colors into your template.

My site is live now, but we decided we don't really like the custom colors after all. Can you change them up?

Sure, we can change them up. However, there will be another addon fee charged. Custom colors take our developers time to integrate, so we have to cover the cost of that.


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