Addon: Custom Domain Name

Custom Domain Name
Your domain name is a very important part of your website project. Choosing a domain that is concise and simple, yet relevant and available can be a tricky proposition. The cost for Converge to manage your domain for you is $20 annually. This keeps the domain registered and ensures that it is safe and accessible whenever necessary.

Here are the most common questions we field regarding domain names. Take a look to determine if your questions may be answered below. If not, please reach out to the Converge team at any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current domain name with my new Converge site, or will I have to get a new one?

You can definitely use your current domain name! In most cases you'll want to transfer the domain name away from the company it's currently with. Be sure to choose the "Custom Domain Name" addon in checkout, and the Converge team will guide you through the domain process.

Am I required to transfer my domain to Converge, or can I manage my own domain?

It is certainly not a requirement that you transfer your domain name. In fact, we recommend that you manage your own domain as long as the following is true:

1. You feel comfortable with your current registrar.
2. You have working login information for your registrar.
3. Your domain contacts are up to date.
4. You're not overpaying. ($20/yr max for common TLDs)

I saw an ad from a company saying I can register a domain name for 99 cents. Why are you charging $20?

Many companies will allow you to purchase a new domain or transfer a domain to them for cheap the first year. That's not a bad thing. Just make sure you know what the cost will be during following years, be sure it's a reputable domain registrar, and make sure you're comfortable with the transfer process.

This process can be tricky for first-timers. Most Converge customers simply opt to have us handle their domain name and deal with the multiple variables that seem to pop up along the way. To them, the peace of mind is worth the extra 10 bucks or so per year.

What's the difference between .COM .ORG and other domain extensions?

Most all TLDs (Top Level Domain - the characters that appear after the "dot" like COM, ORG, NET, etc) operate the same way. Functionally, there is no advantage of one over the other. You will not rank higher in search engine results simply due to your TLD. Practically speaking, the .COM and .ORG domains are the most popular and desirable. There are a number of new TLDs including .CHURCH that are also growing in popularity within the church market.


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