Addon: Social Media Retargeting

Social Media Retargeting
Simply put, social media retargeting is the process of identifying individuals on a social media network (i.e. Facebook) who have visited your website and displaying a social media ad to them.

If you are on the internet at all, you've probably seen this method being used by advertisers. Why do they do this? Because it works!

  • Remind potential visitors about your church. They visited your church website for a reason. If they are contemplating a visit, you can encourage them to follow through!
  • Raise brand awareness.  A thousand other thoughts are crowding into people's heads. Retargeting is a great way to push your church to the front of their minds.
  • Focus your advertising spend on people that you already know are interested in your church. Again, these ads are only shown to individuals who visited your website - prime prospects!

Let's say a visitor finds your church web page in a search engine, and ends up on your website.

As soon as the site visitor lands on your site, Converge automatically checks with Facebook to see if that individual has a Facebook account. If they do, Facebook will remember this information, and next time that individual browses Facebook, they will see an ad from your church inviting them to visit.

Sound complicated or expensive? Don't worry, it doesn't have to be either. With the Retargeting addon from Convergesites.com, our marketing team will set everything up for you with the ad invitations you want at whatever budget works for you.

For as little as five dollars, you can get started! No hassle, long-term commitment, or confusing settings.

You can increase, decrease, or pause your remarketing at any time.

Check below for answers to more questions, and give remarketing a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an additional monthly cost associated with the Social Media Retargeting service?

No, there's not. However, there is an expense associated with running ads on Facebook. You can spend as much or little as you want.

Do I pay Converge Sites for my Facebook ads?

No, you will pay Facebook directly. The Converge marketing team will set you up with a Facebook Ad account, and you will set up a payment method with Facebook.

Where will I get ads to run on Facebook?

The addon expense includes a series of three ads designed by our Converge marketing team. We'll collaborate with you on the design details, and you'll get opportunity to approve the ad content before it goes live.

Will I be able to track the effectiveness of my ads, or am I pretty much running blind?

Facebook Ad Manager has an incredible reporting dashboard that gives you key insight into the impressions (number of display instances) and clicks on your ads. You can easily monitor ad performance using these robust tools. Click here to learn more.

How much does it cost to run a Facebook ad campaign?

The campaign budgets are flexible. Basically, you set a budget, and Facebook will display ads until the point that it has reached your budget threshold for the chosen time period, then your campaign will expire. Many churches simply set a weekly or monthly spend amount, and then monitor ad performance and make budget adjustments as necessary.

How will I know that my ads are being shown to potential church visitors?

During the setup of your campaign, our Converge marketing team will install a bit of code on your website called a "pixel." This pixel will constantly monitor your website for new visitors. When someone visits your website, the pixel will tell Facebook to display an ad to them from your church.


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