Stock Photography Membership

Stock Photography
One of the best things you can do to take your church website to the next level is to use high quality photography throughout the site. While there are a lot of free resources available in the stock photography realm, the best "bang for your buck" by far is ChristianPics.co. All of these pictures are safe, versatile, and very high quality!

Through a special partnership with ChristianPics.co, Converge is excited to be able to offer our web customers a Lifetime Membership to this stock photography site. The Lifetime Membership includes unlimited downloads and royalty-free licensing. See ChristianPics.co for full details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an additional monthly fee associated with this stock photography membership?

No, there is not. While the ChristianPics.co website may advertise a monthly membership, through our partnership we are able to provide a lifetime membership for a one-time payment with no additional monthly fees.

Can I use images from ChristianPics.co in projects outside of my Converge website?

For sure. Once you have this stock photography membership, you have full rights to use the images in any way that fits within the generous licensing policies of ChristianPics.co. See that website for complete details.

If I don't purchase the Stock Photography membership now, can I add it on later?

Yes, as long as your Converge website account is current and in good standing, you can choose this addon at a later time.

If I discontinue my Converge website account at a later date, can i retain my ChristianPics.co lifetime membership?

Yes, once you have paid for a lifetime membership, you will retain it for as long as ChristianPics.co exists, regardless of whether or not you continue services with Converge Sites.


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