You don't get a second chance

to make a first impression!

Design still matters, and nobody does it better than Converge! While it's certainly not the only component of an effective website, it is crucial that your design be clean, cohesive, and attractive. When visitors land on your page, how will they respond to what they see? With Converge, you can be assured that your first impression will always be a good impression. There are plenty of hurdles to overcome to get visitors through the church doors. Don't let your website design be one of them!

Your Converge website is fully responsive. This means that it will look great on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop!

How quickly will potential church visitors find the info they're looking for?  Your Converge "Welcome Page" is designed just for them!

Simple apps for your website are built in to Converge. Easily create forms, password protection, image galleries, sermon audio libraries and more!

Don't wait on someone else to update your website. With Converge, you'll have open access to our easy site editor.

Template Design FAQs

Q: Do different Converge templates have different capabilities?

A: No. All Converge templates have the same features available. They're just styled a bit differently!

Q: I've seen websites use a video background before. Can Converge do that?

A: Absolutely! During signup, you'll have the ability to purchase a video background feature for your website home page. Our Converge developers will take the footage of your choice and integrate it into the background. Click here for more information.

Q: If I want to change templates in the future, can I do that? Is it free?

A: You can definitely switch templates at any time. Because the templates are different in style and your text and image content doesn't automatically flow into a new layout, there is a considerable amount of hands-on time required. Due to this, template changes are billed at 50% of the current "new project" rate. So, if a new Converge website is $1,000 then a template change would run $500.

Q: I want to use custom colors for my new Converge site. Is that possible?

A: Definitely. There is a one-time development cost due to the extra code time. Click here to read more about it.

Q: If I decide to move my website away from Converge in the future, can I take my website template with me?

A: While you do retain the rights to all of your website page content, the Converge template, code, and content management system remain the property of Converge. You'd need to have a developer build out a new template on your new platform, and transfer the page content over for you.


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