Why not follow up with website visitors too?

Converge makes it possible.

Most church websites have a lot of information about the church, but no obvious way to connect with website visitors. They visit the site once, then they are gone. You hope they found what they were looking for and that it was enough to solicit a church visit in the future.

A Converge website has the option of a "First Touch" home page. Converge automatically detects whether or not the website visitor is a first-time guest to the site. If they are, it sends them to a carefully crafted First Touch landing page designed to break the ice with them, answer core questions, and point them to a huge Call to Action. The Call to Action includes the opportunity to collect an email address from the site visitor through one of a number of value points.

This email address is immediately put onto a drip automation. A drip automation is a series of email messages that are automatically sent over a designated period of time. The content of these messages varies based on the specific "value point" through which the site visitor entered the automation. For example, it might be a three-day devotional series on the family, a series of inspirational scripture delivered by email, or simply a series of "get to know us" messages that will deliver the most important information about your church over a series of five days.

Here's an example of one of these email drip automations:


Each email builds anticipation for the next to help build retention and increase opportunities for engagement.

Will every website visitor sign up for an email drip automation? No, they won't.

However, we guarantee that more will sign up than would if you didn't provide the opportunity.

So, then what?

After the email drip automation concludes, the subscriber has the opportunity to stay on the list, or unsubscribe.

Those who choose to stay can be contacted from time to time about special events and opportunities at your church, greatly increasing the odds of a personal visit.

Does all of this sound complicated?

The great news is, the Converge team will set all of it up for you. Once the setup is done, it all happens automatically! You continue to be the "boots on the ground" to your church and community, and Converge handles the website traffic!

Want to know more? Visit our First Touch FAQs, and Contact Converge if your questions are still unanswered!