The Converge Investment

With Converge Sites, the pricing is quite simple. There's a one-time startup cost.

This one-time setup cost of $750 includes everything you need to get a beautiful turnkey website for your church or ministry. This includes all content management system features and tools. From this point, you can choose additional addons based on your needs!
 There's also a monthly service fee cost of $39. Here's what the service fee covers...

While the service fee covers fast hosting on our content delivery network, it also ensures that you have a solid content management system and an English-speaking church-minded support team when you need them. The Converge team is ready to serve you.


Custom Domain Name ($20 - $40/yr)
Whether you need to transfer an existing domain name to Converge, or you need help choosing a brand new domain name for your website, we're ready to help. Domain names can be confusing, but the Converge experts are here to answer any questions you may have and help you secure the best possible domain for your new website!

Search Engine Optimization ($250)
Your website cannot be effective unless it is visible! The SEO addon puts the Converge team to work for you, optimizing your new site for premium search engine results. Our 15-point SEO checklist provides a solid foundation for your new website, positioning you for high visibility and keyword ranking.

Social Media Retargeting ($250)
This is the process of identifying individuals that visited your website and displaying ads to them on social media (i.e. Facebook). When you choose this addon, the Converge team will set up every aspect of an ongoing retargeting campaign for you and help you set a budget that makes sense for your ministry.

Custom Color ($200)
When the stock colors available for your new Converge website project just won't cut it, consider the custom colors option. The Converge team will work with you to customize your template with the colors of your choosing!

Custom Logo ($400)
Nothing helps to bring your church media together better than a well-crafted logo. It helps to provide identity, consistency, and authority! When you choose the Custom Logo addon, the experienced design team at Converge will work closely with you to create a unique logo that can be used on your new website as well as any other media your ministry has need of.

Stock Photos Membership ($49)
Through our partnership with, we are able to offer a fantastic opportunity to purchase an unlimited lifetime membership to this high quality stock photography website. Photos from may be used on your new Converge website as well as in any other print or screen creative projects in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay the entire amount of my website project up front?

No, you don't. While most churches do choose to make an "in full" up-front payment, it works better for others to choose the "4-pay" option, splitting the project into four equal payments over four months.

Why does Converge charge a setup fee? Other church website companies don't have that.

That's true, there are other companies that don't charge a setup fee. However, you're also on your own to build out the website in those scenarios. With Converge, you'll get a dedicated Launch Partner that will handle the technicalities of building out each page and bringing it all together into a launch-ready website. The setup fee allows that to happen, and ensures your new website will get the quality touch you're looking for.

I'd like to purchase a website from Converge, but I'm going to use my own hosting. Is that cool?

Unfortunately, it won't work. Converge is built on a proprietary content management system that is deeply integrated into our cloud servers. Because of this, your website will have to be hosted with Converge.

Do I have to choose addons now, or can I purchase them later?

While it definitely makes your project flow more smoothly to integrate addons during the initial site build, they can always be added on at a later date, even after your new site is live!

That monthly hosting fee seems kind of steep. has web hosting for $1.95 per month. What gives?

You're right. Web hosting is crazy cheap. However, the monthly service fee from Converge is more than simple hosting. While you are getting your website hosted by our super-fast cloud-based content delivery network, you're also getting a powerful content management system geared specifically for churches. Best of all? You're getting technical support from our ministry-minded English-speaking support staff. When something goes wrong, you're going to want to communicate in English to someone in your country that understands where you're coming from. You probably won't get that with For less than the cost of a typical monthly cell phone bill, you can have that peace of mind.

If i decide to move my website away from Converge, can I just upload my Converge site to a new server with a different company?

While any graphics and text on your Converge website belong to you, Converge retains ownership of the content management platform itself. In order to transfer the website to a different company, you'd definitely need to hire a third party to build out the template on a new content management system.


Converge delivers results, guaranteed.